Time for some updates...

After a bit of a summer sebatical, I'm happy to say that I'm now able to devote some time to updating the site.  It's prep time for the upcoming show season, which means I'm busy making resources and products to meet all of your fly tying needs!  Be sure to check back often for additional content, additional resources, and additional products which will now be added regularly!

Butterfly Materials Packs Now Avaiable In The Webstore!

One of the most common questions people ask me is "Where do you get the materials for your butterflies?"  It seemed to me that many who wanted to try to tie a butterfly were thwarted by being unsure of where or how to get the proper materials.  In response to this, I trialed these "butterfly materials packs" at a few of the shows I attended last year.  They met with great success, so I've decided to make them part of my regular product line.  Now I can provide you not only with the instruction on how to tie a butterfly but also with the materials you need to do so as well!  Click here or on the hot link in the sidebar to see what materials packs are currently stocked in this new section of the webstore!

New EBAY auctions posted!

I've prepared 2 dozen lots of fly tying materials to provide you with some options to add to your fly tying bench, just in time for tying season!  And more are on the way!  I will be listing 6 new lots each week, including everything from capes to hackles to threads and furs and, of course, a healthy dose of rare and unusual materials as well!  Click on the hot link in the sidebar to see the current set of auctions, and be sure to check back each week to see what other treasures may appear on the auction block!

Photo Gallery

Framed Butterfly Flies

My butterfly art flies, framed in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 shadowboxes and mounted with natural elements. 

Framed Dragonfly Flies

Framed dragonflies in 5 x 7 shadowboxes and mounted with natural elements.

Glass Dome Butterfly and Dragonfly Art Flies

Butterfly and dragonfly art flies, mounted under glass domes with natural elements. 

"Habitat Boxes"

I've made a fresh batch of what I call "habitat boxes," featuring my realistic spider or stonefly perched at the edge of a rippling stream.  I had featured this porduct in the past but haven't made any for quite some time, I'm happy to be able to add them back to the product line up - available at the shows I will be attending, soon to be available through the webstore.


My instructinoal videos, "How to Tie a Fly" and "How to Tie a Butterfly."

Butterfly Materials Packs

These packs contain all the materials needed to tie one butterfly.  I had only a few of these available for last year's shows, and they quickly sold out.  I have prepared a fresh batch of materials packs for this year, available at the shows I will be at, soon to be available in the webstore.

Fishable Sets

"Season set" and some smaller nymph sets.

Wooden Fly Boxes

These are staples on my table at any show I attend.  My custom crafted wooden fly boxes are available in single and multiple fly units.

Chess Set

Perhaps my most creative piece, this fly-themed chess set.

"How to Tie a Butterfly" DVD now available!!!!

I'm happy to announce my latest instructional video product, "How to Tie a Butterfly"!  It is now available for purchase here in the webstore!  Filmed in high def 1080p video, the DVD illustrates the process of tying a butterfly from start to finish, from materials selection and preparation to the finishing touches.  Visit the new DVD section of the webstore for further details and ordering information!  You can view the youtube preview of the DVD below as well!



"How to TIE a Fly" DVD also available

The beginner fly tying class videos have been compiled and expanded upon in this 2 DVD set "How to TIE a Fly." This DVD set contains over two and a half hours of fly tying demonstration, with additional content not currently available on youtube. Also included are recipes for each fly and a comprehensive list of all the materials needed to tie the flies presented in the segments. All the instruction you need to start tying flies, now available in one place!  Available in the DVD section of the webstore.

Butterfly Photo Gallery

Butterflies are my signature flies.  Be sure to check out the butterfly photo gallery to see pictures of the varies butterflies I've tied over the years.  I hope you enjoy the showcase of feathers from the various exotic species that I've used to tie my butterflies over the past few years.  Click here to visit the gallery!


Pictures of the beetles I tie.  Their shells are made out of fake fingernails, airbrushed to create the blended color pattern.

What else you can find here

This website contains a wealth of information on flies and fly tying, as well as information about me and my products and services.  Clicking on the links above will direct you to the following:


About Scott Cesari - information about me, how I became interested in fly tying, and how my fly tying efforts and involvement have developed.


Contact - how to get in touch with me to ask questions, provide feedback, order products, or just to discuss flytying and flyfishing.


Event Calendar - a list of the events that I will be participating in, including links to those events where applicable.


Resources - perhaps the most valuable tab, here you can find articles, instruction, tips, and recipes to assist you in your tying efforts.  Video clips on specific tying tips can also be found here.


Photo Gallery - images of some of my work.


Products - this tab will direct you to an overview of the products I make and the services I provide including flies, custom created wooden fly boxes, butterfly flies and displays, ornaments, clocks, tying lessons and presentations.


Store - a link to the products I currently have, available for purchase through the web store.


Take some time and browse the site.  I think you'll find some interesting and useful information.  I hope you enjoy what is here!

A special thanks to Brenda Davis for her incredible photography.  Many of the pictures on my site were taken by Brenda.  Her husband Shawn is a fellow fly tier whose work defies description.  Make sure to check out their website at www.davisflydesigns.com, which features jewelry-quality artistic salmon flies by Shawn and professional fly photography by Brenda.