Announcing the most innovative fly tying resource now available                                HOW TO TIE A FLY - THE APP!!!

I’m thrilled to be able to announce my newest fly tying resource, “How to TIE a Fly – The APP!  A project that’s been several months in the making, I’ve finally been able to sift through all of the process and procedures to successfully bring it to the app market!  It’s now available on both iTunes and Google Play, for both smartphones and tablets!  Let me tell you more about it.


How to TIE a Fly – the APP! – available on both iTunes and Google Play, for both smartphones and tablets.  Connect to the stores and search for “fly tying how to tie a fly.”


HOW TO TIE A FLY provides you with exclusive access to an ever growing library of video tutorials that comprehensively covers the skills you need to tie flies. 


Whether you're a novice tier or a seasoned vet, the unique flexibility of this app will allow you to cater its content to your specific needs!


The unique design of this app allows you to quickly and easily access hours of professional tying instruction in crystal clear, hi definition video.  No more trying to decipher written instructions, the video tutorials allow you to see how it's done, the best way to learn how to tie flies!


No more sifting through hundreds of youtube videos to find the technique you're interested in.  HOW TO TIE A FLY allows you to find specifically what you need quickly and easily!


It's like having your own private fly tying instructor with you - any time, anywhere!


Videos will be added on a regular basis, providing you with an ever growing database of skills and techniques to learn from!


In addition to the tutorials, you will also have one click access to all twelve segments of my acclaimed Beginner Fly Tying video series, as well as access to app only specials periodically offered at!


All for less than $5!


HOW TO TIE A FLY - the most unique and innovative fly tying resource on the market today!


Here's some background on how I developed the idea for a fly tying app


Several months back I began searching for fly tying apps to find some resources to improve my own fly tying skills.  While there are a few available, none of them were video based.  And the apps that were available, while good apps, seemed limited in their scope.  Once you tied the few flies they offered, you were done, what you could get from the app had been gotten and thus its usefulness became limited.  This spurred me to begin thinking about how to develop a video based app that would be more comprehensive.  By that, I mean that I wanted to create a resource that could grow with the user, one that could be referred to over and over again, each time providing meaningful information.  At the same time, I wanted it to be useful to all levels of tiers, something any tier would find useful regardless of their level of experience.  How to successfully accomplish that was the challenge.


As those who have been exposed to my teaching methods will tell you, I am a technique-based tier.  The first thing I tell any of my students is that I won’t teach you how to tie flies, I will teach you how to TIE a fly.  That is, I will teach you the techniques you need to put any fly together.  By the time you are done with my classes, you won’t be able to simply reproduce the flies presented in the classes, instead you will learn the techniques needed to tie those flies, and by learning the techniques you will be able to apply those skills not only to the class flies, but to any other flies you will tie as well.  You will be able to pick up any recipe book and be able to tie the flies you see in the text, because you have learned the techniques needed to put those flies together.


One of the texts that has heavily influenced both my tying and teaching style is Leeson and Schollmeyer’s classic work, The Fly Tier’s Benchside Reference.  I highly recommend this book to all my students as the penultimate fly tying text.  If you are unfamiliar with the book, it is basically a comprehensive encyclopedia of fly tying techniques organized in an easily digestible fashion.  It allows you to very easily locate any tying technique and provides you with very clear step by step instructions on how to perform that technique.  You won’t find any complete fly patterns, it’s all technique.  Very clear, superbly presented technique at its finest.  Right up my alley.


It was from this technique-based bias that the idea for this app was born.  What if I could create an app that provided video tutorials of the techniques needed to tie flies?  This would certainly have the potential to meet the requirements I was looking for in a fly tying app.  Instead of presenting a few flies for the user to replicate, what if I could teach them the tying techniques they needed to tie any number of flies, much like I try to do in the classes that I teach?  And by providing a library of techniques, tiers of any level could jump in and find usefulness in the app.  Beginners could start with the basic technique videos and advance to more complex techniques at their own pace, while more experienced tiers could go directly to those video clips that they feel are most pertinent to their level of experience, bypassing the basic segments.  And by adding videos to the app at regular intervals, the app could grow into a fully comprehensive resource for tiers of all skill levels and specialties, from beginners to experts, from freshwater to saltwater and everything inbetween.


It was too promising of an idea to let go of, so I set to work on the app, and have finally been able to bring it to a living, breathing, working resource.  Currently loaded with 32 videos, it’s off to a great start.  As time passes and new videos are added, it will grow into a comprehensive resource of many, many more videos, providing a wealth of instruction that will continuously expand and be useful for tiers of all levels.  That certainly achieves the goals I set for the app at the outset, and I’m very excited to see this project grow and grow.


In addition, being an app based resource does something no other resource has yet to accomplish.  It brings the information to the user anytime, anywhere, utilizing what has become our most relied on source of technology, smartphones and tablets.  And as an app it is able to do so in a very user friendly format.  The features of an app allow me to organize the information in an easily usable, user friendly format.  The interface allows you to find exactly what you need quickly and effectively without having to sift through piles of information you don’t need or want.  You don’t have to search through a hundred youtube videos to find the one technique you’re interested in.  Following the easy to use menus in the app will bring you directly to what you need with a few simple clicks.  And you don’t need to be in front of your computer or laptop to see it, or near a DVD player to access it.  All you need is your phone or tablet.  The information is at your fingertips, from anywhere in the world.


To make the app even more comprehensive, I have also provided one click access to my beginner fly tying class video series, through which you can learn to tie a set of basic flies from start to finish, if that is more in tune with your personal learning style.  And an intermediate and advanced set of fly tying class videos will be accessible as well in the future, in an effort to round out the instructional experience even more fully.

I am very excited about this project, and look forward to seeing it grow in the days to come.  And at less than $5, it’s a value you can’t beat.  It is my hope that this will become a quintessential resource for all tiers all around the globe, a resource that is a staple in your library of instructional materials.  Of course, it will only become that if we all work together to make it so, and to that end any feedback you may have is, as always, both requested and greatly appreciated.  Let me know what works and what doesn’t, and as such together we can tweak and refine it to shape it to be as good as it can possibly be.  The goal here, as with all resources, is to collectively share and expand our knowledge, to tie a better fly, to catch a bigger fish.  I hope you enjoy the app, and I look forward to seeing it grow in the days to come.

My newest offering - Brownie's Poppers

These are my newest creations, poppers painted using the same technique I use to create my beetle shells.  As you can see, the technique produces some really nice, vivid, eye-catching (and fish catching!) results.  This first batch, once finished, will be available at the upcoming international fly tying symposium later this month.  Shortly after I will add them to the webstore as well as to my page on for you to purchase.  They are named for a dear friend of mine who, unfortunately, has recently passed.  While many people have helped me get where I am in the fly tying world (all of whom I am grateful for), this friend I can credit with getting me started on this path. Without him and his efforts early on, I certainly wouldn't be where I am now. Some time ago, he gave me his makeshift drying wheel (it's a jury rigged rotisserie, I think). I cracked it out for the first time to help me with these popper bodies. In honor of my friend, I've chosen to call these flies "Brownie's Poppers."  Don't forget to look for them soon at the shows, in my webstore, and on



So, this little piece of stream is located in...(wait for it)...MY BASEMENT?!?!


That's right, this creek is located IN MY BASEMENT!  Or, at least, it was.  It is now part of a display for the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum. 


Let me explain.  Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Association gave me the honor of recognizing my Pocono Patterns Research by offering me the opportunity to create a display that would present and promote my research as well as my other tying efforts.  With that in mind, I set to work creating a museum quality display piece that would be able to present the material I found through my Pocono Patterns research project.  The centerpiece of the display is this reporduction of a section of the Brodhead Creek which I created, with several of the Pocono flies mounted on it.  The result is shown in the pictures below.  This piece, along with some of my own tying efforts, is currently on display at the Musuem's exhibit space at the Visitor's Center at Lake Wallenpaupack in the Poconos.


Here is the full display at the Visitor's Center at Lake Wallenpaupack.



I'm preparing an article on how this piece was created, I documented the process from start to finish.  I'll post the article at some point in the future, and I'll highlight some of the other parts of the display as well.  There's a lot of good information and interesting things to see in the display, if you're in the area, stop by and check it out!

Presentations - now officially part of the products I offer!

It's about this time that most groups are starting to plan their speaker schedule for the following year.  Given that, I thought it might be good to post this update to the site to remind you that I do give presentations also as part of my product/services offerings.  I currently have 3 presentations prepared.  "Tips and Tricks to Better Tying" is a multimedia powerpoint style presentation that offers some interesting information for tiers of all skill levels as well as some angling history for the non-tiers in your group.  "The History of Fly Fishing in America as Seen Through the Eye of the Hook" is the culmination of my Pocono Patterns research project and offers not only the flies I discovered but also demonstrates how the study of these flies uncovered a rich and fascinating angling history that has been lying dormant beneath the mountains of the Pocono Mountain region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  "How to Tie a Butterfly" is a tying demonstration in which I show you how to tie one of my artisitic butterfly flies, from initial materials selection to tying the final knot.  I will also create custom presentations if there is a specific topic that you would like to hear more about that is not covered in one of my 3 prepared presentations.  I have created a new section of the site, "Presentations", where you can find all the details about each specific presentation as well as my costs and terms for presenting to your group.  I work to keep my costs to you low, as I truly feel the sharing of information is vital to advancing our sport, and I have worked in a system to help you defray the cost to your group even further toward this end.  Please visit the "Presentations" section of the site by clicking here, on the tab above, or on the hot link in the sidebar for further details.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Butterfly Materials Packs Now Avaiable In The Webstore!

One of the most common questions people ask me is "Where do you get the materials for your butterflies?"  It seemed to me that many who wanted to try to tie a butterfly were thwarted by being unsure of where or how to get the proper materials.  In response to this, I trialed these "butterfly materials packs" at a few of the shows I attended last year.  They met with great success, so I've decided to make them part of my regular product line.  Now I can provide you not only with the instruction on how to tie a butterfly but also with the materials you need to do so as well!  Click here or on the hot link in the sidebar to see what materials packs are currently stocked in this new section of the webstore!

Photo Gallery

Framed Butterfly Flies

My butterfly art flies, framed in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 shadowboxes and mounted with natural elements. 

Framed Dragonfly Flies

Framed dragonflies in 5 x 7 shadowboxes and mounted with natural elements.

Glass Dome Butterfly and Dragonfly Art Flies

Butterfly and dragonfly art flies, mounted under glass domes with natural elements. 

"Habitat Boxes"

I've made a fresh batch of what I call "habitat boxes," featuring my realistic spider or stonefly perched at the edge of a rippling stream.  I had featured this porduct in the past but haven't made any for quite some time, I'm happy to be able to add them back to the product line up - available at the shows I will be attending, soon to be available through the webstore.


My instructinoal videos, "How to Tie a Fly" and "How to Tie a Butterfly."

Butterfly Materials Packs

These packs contain all the materials needed to tie one butterfly.  I had only a few of these available for last year's shows, and they quickly sold out.  I have prepared a fresh batch of materials packs for this year, available at the shows I will be at, soon to be available in the webstore.

Fishable Sets

"Season set" and some smaller nymph sets.

Wooden Fly Boxes

These are staples on my table at any show I attend.  My custom crafted wooden fly boxes are available in single and multiple fly units.

Chess Set

Perhaps my most creative piece, this fly-themed chess set.

"How to Tie a Butterfly" DVD now available!!!!

I'm happy to announce my latest instructional video product, "How to Tie a Butterfly"!  It is now available for purchase here in the webstore!  Filmed in high def 1080p video, the DVD illustrates the process of tying a butterfly from start to finish, from materials selection and preparation to the finishing touches.  Visit the new DVD section of the webstore for further details and ordering information!  You can view the youtube preview of the DVD below as well!



"How to TIE a Fly" DVD also available

The beginner fly tying class videos have been compiled and expanded upon in this 2 DVD set "How to TIE a Fly." This DVD set contains over two and a half hours of fly tying demonstration, with additional content not currently available on youtube. Also included are recipes for each fly and a comprehensive list of all the materials needed to tie the flies presented in the segments. All the instruction you need to start tying flies, now available in one place!  Available in the DVD section of the webstore.

Butterfly Photo Gallery

Butterflies are my signature flies.  Be sure to check out the butterfly photo gallery to see pictures of the varies butterflies I've tied over the years.  I hope you enjoy the showcase of feathers from the various exotic species that I've used to tie my butterflies over the past few years.  Click here to visit the gallery!

What else you can find here

This website contains a wealth of information on flies and fly tying, as well as information about me and my products and services.  Clicking on the links above will direct you to the following:


About Scott Cesari - information about me, how I became interested in fly tying, and how my fly tying efforts and involvement have developed.


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Event Calendar - a list of the events that I will be participating in, including links to those events where applicable.


Resources - perhaps the most valuable tab, here you can find articles, instruction, tips, and recipes to assist you in your tying efforts.  Video clips on specific tying tips can also be found here.


Photo Gallery - images of some of my work.


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Store - a link to the products I currently have, available for purchase through the web store.


Take some time and browse the site.  I think you'll find some interesting and useful information.  I hope you enjoy what is here!

A special thanks to Brenda Davis for her incredible photography.  Many of the pictures on my site were taken by Brenda.  Her husband Shawn is a fellow fly tier whose work defies description.  Make sure to check out their website at, which features jewelry-quality artistic salmon flies by Shawn and professional fly photography by Brenda.