It's Fly Tying Season!

It's that time of year again, fly tying season!  From January until opening day is when most fly fishers spend their time at the bench preparing their tying boxes for the upcoming angling season.  To help you out, I've added quick links to my Beginner Fly Tying series of videos below for easy access.  Click on the links to view the specific chapters and hit the bench so you're ready for the stream come opening day!


Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have, feedback on the video series, or just to let me know how you are doing with your tying, I'd love to hear from you!  I hope you enjoy the videos!


It's about this time that most groups are starting to plan their speaker schedule for the following year.  Given that, I thought it might be good to post this update to the site to remind you that I do give presentations also as part of my product/services offerings.  I currently have 3 presentations prepared.  "Tips and Tricks to Better Tying" is a multimedia powerpoint style presentation that offers some interesting information for tiers of all skill levels as well as some angling history for the non-tiers in your group.  "The History of Fly Fishing in America as Seen Through the Eye of the Hook" is the culmination of my Pocono Patterns research project and offers not only the flies I discovered but also demonstrates how the study of these flies uncovered a rich and fascinating angling history that has been lying dormant beneath the mountains of the Pocono Mountain region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  "How to Tie a Butterfly" is a tying demonstration in which I show you how to tie one of my artisitic butterfly flies, from initial materials selection to tying the final knot.  I will also create custom presentations if there is a specific topic that you would like to hear more about that is not covered in one of my 3 prepared presentations.  I have created a new section of the site, "Presentations", where you can find all the details about each specific presentation as well as my costs and terms for presenting to your group.  I work to keep my costs to you low, as I truly feel the sharing of information is vital to advancing our sport, and I have worked in a system to help you defray the cost to your group even further toward this end.  Please visit the "Presentations" section of the site by clicking here or on the tab above.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Butterfly Photo Gallery

Butterflies are my signature flies.  Be sure to check out the butterfly photo gallery to see pictures of the various butterflies I've tied over the years.  I hope you enjoy the showcase of feathers from the various exotic species that I've used to tie my butterflies.  Click here to visit the gallery!

What else you can find here

This website contains a wealth of information on flies and fly tying, as well as information about me and my products and services.  Clicking on the links above will direct you to the following:


About Scott Cesari - information about me, how I became interested in fly tying, and how my fly tying efforts and involvement have developed.


Contact - how to get in touch with me to ask questions, provide feedback, order products, or just to discuss flytying and flyfishing.


Event Calendar - a list of the events that I will be participating in, including links to those events where applicable.


Resources - perhaps the most valuable tab, here you can find articles, instruction, tips, and recipes to assist you in your tying efforts.  Video clips on specific tying tips can also be found here.


Photo Gallery - images of some of my work.


Products - this tab will direct you to an overview of the products I make and the services I provide including flies, custom created wooden fly boxes, butterfly flies and displays, ornaments, clocks, tying lessons and presentations.


Store - a link to the products I currently have, available for purchase through the web store.


Take some time and browse the site.  I think you'll find some interesting and useful information.  I hope you enjoy what is here!

A special thanks to Brenda Davis for her incredible photography.  Many of the pictures on my site were taken by Brenda.  Her husband Shawn is a fellow fly tier whose work defies description.  Make sure to check out their website at, which features jewelry-quality artistic salmon flies by Shawn and professional fly photography by Brenda.