Butterfly Gallery

This is the newly revised and updated butterfly photo gallery.  I've been meaning to organize these pictures into this gallery for some time now, and I'm glad I've finally been able to do so.  Here you will find a variety of pictures of the many different types of butterflies I've tied over the years.  I hope you enjoy them!

Grey Peacock Pheasant Butterfly

My favorite butterfly, also the most difficult to tie.  Each wing is composed of 3 grey peacock pheasant feathers.  Personally, I think the grey peacock pheasant is the most beautiful of the pheasants.  The feathers fascinate me.

The Painted Lady

My version of a painted lady butterfly, one of my most popular butterflies.  My daughters and I have raised these during the summers, along with monarchs and luna moths.  The hindwings are guinea fowl, woodduck, and firetip amherst pheasant feathers, the forewings are from a ringneck pheasant.

Argus Pheasant Butterflies

Argus pheasant feathers are really nothing short of exquisite.  The variety of feathers available from a single bird is remarkable.  I'm always excited when I come across an opportunity to get a hold of some.  They make for some very interesting and exotic looking butterflies.

Tragopan Pheasant Butterflies

The butterfly on the right is one of my original four patterns, and is my interpretation of a cercopia moth.  The hindwings are tragopan feathers underneath with ringneck pheasant feathers on top, giving it the splash of orange.  The butterfly on the left is made completely from tragopan feathers.  This butterfly was framed in a wooden shadowbox and comprised part of an order that was sent to a local outdoors store, which marked the first appearance of my work in such a venue.

The Lovebird butterflies

Lovebird tail feathers are some of the most colorful and uniquely patterned feathers I've come across.  They make really pretty butterflies.  These are tied with (from right ot left) peach face lovebird, pied lovebird, and lutino lovebird.

The Parrot Butterflies

The various species of parrots offer a wide variety of fantastically colorful feathers.  These butterflies are tied with (from right to left) pionus parrot, amazon parrot, and scarlet macaw covert feathers.

Other Butterflies

I have collected feathers from a variety of rare and unique species since I've been tying my butterfly patterns.  The rest of this gallery showcases some of those amazing feathers.

Ocellated Turkey
Copper Pheasant
Lilac Breasted Roller
Reeves Pheasant
Germaine's Pheasant
Rainbow Lorry
Elliot Pheasant
Vulturine Guinea Fowl
Barred Woodduck