I offer a wide variety of flies and fly-related products through the webstore, as detailed below.

Flies:  I offer a variety of flies for all types of fishing, including trout, bass, and salt water patterns.  All flies are hand tied by me, with care and effort taken to ensure a high quality, durable product.  While I do have a "regular" set of flies that I offer here on the site, I will tie patterns other than those listed, and custom orders are always welcome.

Wooden Fly BoxesCustom crafted wooden fly boxes feature individual flies or fly sets handsomely mounted on branches, suitable for fishing or display.  While the flies in each set remain the same, each box is unique in that box style, stain color, and wood mount will vary, making each box a unique item - no two boxes are ever exactly the same.  Boxes are available in 3 sizes - small (housing only 1 or 2 flies), medium (holding approximately 6 to 12 flies), and large (containing approximately 12 to 24 flies.)   Standard flies may be exchanged for a custom order of flies of your choice, for an additional fee. 

Butterflies:  My most popular items.  Highly ornamental, they are tied using various combinations of decoratively patterned feathers from both common and rare birds.  Many are based on actual species of butterflies or moths.  They are available loose, housed in wood boxes, displayed in acrylic cases or under glass domes, or framed in shadowboxes.  They are truly a unique addition to any home, office, tying room, or collection.  Many patterns are one of a kind exclusives, so if you see something you like be sure to grab it before it's gone.

Ornaments:  A unique gift for any avid sportsman, Christmas ornaments are offered in 3 sizes - small (housing a Ray Bergman-style classic wet fly), medium (containing streamer patterns), and large (holding an original married wing creation in combiniations of holiday colors.) 

"Time Flies" Signature Clock Collection:  Wooden clocks whose numbers are replaced by flies.  Both wall and desk clocks are available.  Wall clocks display a variety of trout patterns, desk clocks a set of Old English-style dry flies.  Fly selection can be customized if you like, for an additional fee, presenting the opportunity for a very unique gift - a clock that displays your favorite angler's most productive patterns!

Fly Tying Lessons:  I offer fly tying lessons on a per session basis.  If you are new to tying or just want to reinforce basic skills, my 8 session beginner course is available.  If you have a specific fly that you'd like to master or a specific area of tying that you're interested in, customized intermediate or advanced sessions are also available.  I provide all the tools and materials needed for the lesson, and at the end of the session you get to keep the fly that you tied, the fly that I tied as an example, and some sample material to practice with (note: this may vary for customized sessions depending on the content of the session.)  Sessions last approximately 45 to 60 minutes, fee is $25 per person per session.  Please limit requests to within a one hour of Bangor, Pennsylvania.

Presentations:  I currently offer one presentation, "Tips and Tricks To Better Tying."  It is a unique multimedia presentation that utilizes powerpoint and video instruction to provide a fresh, visual perspective and useful techniques that will help you construct robust, effective flies.  Material is suitable for beginners and advanced tiers alike.  Please limit requests to within a 2 hour radius of Bangor, Pennsylvania unless overnight accomodations can be provided.  Please contact me for AV/technical requirements and fee if interested.