Here you will find a growing library of valuable patterns, both fishable and artistic.  This first set of recipes corresponds to the segments of the Beginner Fly Tying Class video segments.

Woolley Worm

Hook:     Streamer, 2XL to 4 XL, size 4 to 10

Thread:  Olive, 6/0

Hackle:   Large, furnace, wet hackle feather

Body:      Olive chenille

Woolley Bugger

Hook:      Streamer, 2XL to 4 XL, size 4 to 10

Thread:   Black, 6/0

Tail:         Black maribou feather

Weight:  Lead or similar wire

Hackle:   Large, grizzly, wet hackle feather

Body:      Black chenille

Peacock and Partridge

Hook:     Wet, size 8 to 10

Thread:  Black, 6/0

Body:     Peacock herl

Hackle:  Partridge feather

Soft Hackle Wet

Hook:       Wet, size 8 to 10

Thread:    Black, 6/0

Ribbing:   Silver tinsel

Body:        Floss, color of choice

Hackle:     Partridge feather

Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph

Hook:                 Nymph 1XL to 2XL, size 8 to 16

Thread:              Olive, 6/0

Tail:                     Pheasant tail fibers (or small bunch of dubbing with guard hairs)

Underbody:      Lead or similar wire

Ribbing:            Oval gold tinsel

Body/Thorax:  Hare's ear dubbing

Wing Case:       Slip of goose, turkey, or similar feather

Legs:                  Dubbing, picked out from abdomen

Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph

Hook:            Nymph 1XL to 2XL, size 8 to 16

Thread:         Black, 6/0

Head:            Gold bead

Tail:                Pheasant tail fibers

Ribbing:        Copper wire

Body:            Pheasant tail fibers

Thorax:         Peacock herl

Wing Case:  Pheasant tail fibers

Mickey Finn

Hook:      Streamer 4XL to 6XL, size 4 to 12

Thread:   Black, 6/0

Ribbing:  Oval silver tinsel

Body:      Silver tinsel

Wing:      Yellow and red bucktail

Elk Hair Caddis

Hook:      Dry, size 10 to 16

Thread:   Olive, 6/0

Ribbing:  Gold wire

Hackle:   Ginger hackle

Body:      Tan dubbing

Wing:      Elk or deer hair, stacked


Hook:     Dry, size 10 to 18

Thread:  Black, 6/0

Wings:  Grizzly hackle tips

Tail:        Mixed brown and grizzly hackle barbs

Body:     Muskrat (grey) dubbing

Hackle:  Brown and grizzly, mixed

Rusty Spinner

Hook:     Dry, size 10 to 18

Thread:  Brown, 6/0

Wings:   White poly yarn

Tail:        Microfibbets

Body:     Mahogany or cinammon dubbing